Housekeeping Chemicals

  • Brite Glass Cleaner

    Brite Glass Cleaner

    £7.19 (inc. VAT)
    A ready-to-use high purity glass, mirror and surface cleaner. Non-residual action for gymnasium equipment.
  • Impact Lemon Floor Gel

    Impact Lemon Floor Gel

    £7.19 (inc. VAT)
    A concentrated yellow liquid gel with a fresh lemon fragrance to clean and maintain hard surfaces.
  • MPC Multi Purpose Cleaner

    MPC Multi Purpose Cleaner

    £4.79 (inc. VAT)
    A universal fragrance-free multi-purpose cleaner for regular use. Removes the daily build-up of soilage.
  • Thick Bleach

    Thick Bleach

    £5.99 (inc. VAT)
    A concentrated, viscous industrial bleach solution, which is effective against bacteria. Contains 4.9% available chlorine.